Friday, June 15, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cooking School

Recently Andy and I went on vacation.  We flew down to Savannah to spend a few days with Em then headed to Amelia Island, FL.

It was a greatly needed relaxing time away from Ohio

On vacation I was given the opportunity to be a part of a cooking school at a the restaurant Salt.  It was a very hands on, help the chefs make our lunch class.  Our lunch turned out to be 5 courses!  Chef Rick showed a group how to make homemade pasta and prepared a small pasta tomato bruschetta dish. Chef Niko taught a group how to make vichyssoise with marinated mushroom in a puff pastry cup. Chef Heidi had the largest group because she was teaching  them how to make chocolate cake with homemade coffee ice cream.  Finally my group was in charge of the entree. We prepared Salt Encrusted Beef Tenderloin with Spring Succotash, Red Quinoa Risotto, and Carrot Purée.

The meal turned out delicious!

One recipe that I am excited to try is the Carrot Purée. Yes, from that menu I choose the carrots. I only foresee one problem with this recipe.  It calls for food saver bags.  Is it worth investing in one or should I just forget about the recipe entirely?

Here is my dilemma.  I hate cooked carrots.  I hate how mushy they get and the how the flavor changes.  I love fresh carrots and the crunch that comes with them.  To be honest, I choose crunchy over mushy textured things every time, that includes mashed potatoes.  I know, blasphemy! The sous vide carrots taste just like they are fresh and there are TONS of possibilities and it is super healthy.  This method lends itself well to all vegetables except the green ones.

Carrot Purée
5 Carrots
2 Tbsp Honey
4 Tbsp Butter

Peel and slice carrots.
Cut into 1/4 inch slices.
Place carrots, honey, and butter into a vacuum seal bag in one layer.
Remove all the air from bag and place into boiling water.
Cook until carrots be ome soft to the touch.
Strain excess liquid from carrots into a sauce pan.
Reduce liquid until thick.
Purée carrots and thickened liquid in a blender.
Season to taste.