Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cheese Please

Last weekend we were up in Port Clinton, OH for a wedding at the Catawba Island Club. Located very near the hotel we stayed is Ohio's Largest Cheese Shop, Cheese Haven. For as often as Andy and I frequent this area, we have had trouble finding time to stop while it is open. Not this time though. I walked in and it was as if the angels starting singing. Just Kidding. There is a section dedicated to Ohio Wines, a section for sweets, a section for jams, jellies, mustards, and a long cooler full of cheese.

I managed to decide on 2 different cheeses (Red, White, and Blue Cheese and White Stilton with Mango and Ginger).

Red, White, and Blue Cheese, Limited Edition

This Red, White, and Blue is a Blue Cheese with Red Jalapeno Peppers. We cut this cheese into thin slices and added it to the top of burgers, Andy's specialty.

The combination was amazing!

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